Clover Creek

Clover Creek connects Parkland to the larger Spanaway and Tacoma communities.  Starting its journey Frederickson, Washington, the creek passes through the Brookdale Golf Course, Mayfair Playfield, and then releases out into the Puget Sound.  Although it may be is easy to miss, Clover Creek connects Parkland to places, people, and history.

Due to poor maintenance, through both pollution and overgrowth, Clover Creek has many areas where there is now only a trickle of water.  The once clear and inviting creek that encouraged kayaking, fishing, and playing has beco,e a lazy stream in many parts of Parkland. Thankfully, there are still areas, such as the Mayfair Playfield, where the creek is full and flowing.  Unfortunately, even here, the creek shows signs of poor maintenance as two picnic tables sit awkwardly among the rocks and fallen branches in the water.

Clover Creek stretches roughly seventy-one square miles and is owned by the Chambers-Clover Watershed Council. The watershed has been studied by Pacific Lutheran University students since 1992.  However, before either of these communities used Clover Creek, the local Nisqually, Puyallup, and Steilacoom Tribes used the area for agriculture. It was and remains home to important plant species like the Blue Camas flower.

The creek is one of the few natural features in suburban Parkland.  Its struggle to survive serves as a reminder to those who call Parkland home to take care of their natural resources, as it connects people, places, and different generations.