Marvel Food & Deli

Marvel Deli may look somewhat average on the outside. But once you step through the front doors, you’ll find that it is anything but average. You are first greeted by the smell of warm, fresh pastries from the bakery just inside the entrance. Beyond the bakery is a deli that is unlike other delis you may have encountered before. This one transports us far from home as we experience foods from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, and so much more. The sound of foreign languages from customers and the staff fills the room.  Eager, friendly employees are always on hand to welcome you.

Marvel Deli is a place where you can expand your food palette without leaving the familiar comforts of Parkland community. Although these foods may seem unfamiliar, awe will turn to excitement once you sample the wide selection of groceries--including drinks, snacks, and candies--from around the world. The bakery and deli counters offer a seemingly endless selection of options, from pastries with sweet cheese filling to strawberry and cheese slokia to wide variety of deli meats and salads. You can always take your food to go, but if you’re not in a hurry you can sit in the cafe and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, selecting an entree from their diverse and delicious menu. So, whether you are leaving the deli with a European experience you can never forget or with a sweet delight in your hands, Marvel Deli will be there waiting when you want to return.