Paradise Lanes

A long-standing Parkland institution, Paradise Lanes was recently bought out by the owners of Tower Lanes in Tacoma. Bowling alleys aren’t usually chain businesses, each have their own quirks and personalities. But this may be changing with the times. Parkland, being unincorporated into any city and with no government of its own, has little support or protection for small business owners. As such, large franchises have begun to take over some Parkland’s businesses and the streets are increasingly filled with chain stores and restaurants. Locals hope that by keeping the ownership of Paradise semi-local, it will be able to keep its unique atmosphere and, at least so far, it seems to be working.

When the locals think about bowling, they think about Paradise Lanes and it’s been that way for generations. But Paradise Lanes doesn’t just offer bowling. They have a full service bar, a restaurant, and an arcade for the kids. It’s no wonder why Paradise has stuck around. With plenty of options for all ages, Paradise Lanes is the place to go to have fun at an affordable price. Depending on when you go the prices range from 3 dollars per game to 10 dollars for all-you-can-bowl admission. Considering what some of the other bowling alleys in the area are charging, this sort of fun is very affordable.

Paradise Lanes welcomes everyone. From little children and their parents trying to pass on a love for bowling to middle school kids visiting the arcade after school to older generations getting together to have a laugh and keep their skills polished just like their bowling balls, you don't have to be a local or a regular to enjoy Paradise Lanes. It’s a community institution filled with amazing people and cool things to do.