Parkland Light & Water

Every community needs an organization that works hard for the people. Parkland Light and Water (PL&WCo) , founded in 1917, is one of these institutions. After more than one hundred years of hard work in the community, PL&WCo has won unanimous praise from the locals. One of only a handful of co-operating utilities in the United States,  PL&WCo is not a for-profit organization, meaning they only take what they need for operation. The rest they give back to members or use to upgrade services.

PL&WCo is located in a medium-sized building with no obvious logo, which makes it a little hard to recognize as a power company. But it's style blends perfectly with the Parkland neighborhood and its internal facilities are very convenient to help people quickly complete the business they need. The entrance and parking lot are very spacious and can easily meet the parking needs of all customers. And, if the building or its hours are inconvenient for customers, they  can pay for utilities and apply for services on their website.

PL&WCo provides inexpensive but high-quality services. One local costumer said “they provide wonderful service. In several power outages, the company has solved the problem very quickly, and their prices compared to other power companies in Washington are much lower.”  PL&WCo also useful documentation for community residents, as well as many free activities, which greatly enrich the life of community residents

However, with the implementation of the annexation plan in Tacoma, Parkland will soon merge with Tacoma, which means the company will only have less than ten years of independent service left  in Parkland. Undoubtedly, PL&WCo will maintain its excellent service and do its best to serve the community for the next ten years. People in Parkland will not forget this important company that has accompanied them for more than a century.