Reyna’s Mexican Restaurant

A Parkland institution for 18 years, Reyna's Mexican Restaurant is the place you go when you want authentic Mexican food served by a wonderful family. Situated at 411 Garfield St. in Parkland, Reyna's is a warm place to grab traditional Mexican food including tacos, chimichangas, and enchiladas. Their prices are reasonable and the portions are huge, making it a popular restaurant for locals and students in Parkland.

The owner, Felix Guzman had long dreamed of having a restaurant of his own. After working in other restaurants for years, Guzman had enough savings to open Reyna’s. At the restaurant, Guzman and his wife have raised 3 children (Reyna’s is named after his daughter). He is very passionate about his small business, having devoted both his time and his money into the restaurant. He says that the restaurant is his life. “I love my restaurant. I am really happy every day,” Guzman says. Guzman is a very sweet person. He and his family always make customers feel welcome. Sometimes when people pass by Reyna's , he will come out to say hi and ask about their day. If people ask, Guzman will even sing them a lovely Mexican song.

Reyna’s represents the diversity of Parkland. It provides a place for locals and students to socialize and provides more food options for them to choose from. People can also have a drink at the small bar area at Reyna’s. Guzman says the bar was once a popular spot for students. He explains, “There were many people who came here at night. Students from PLU once called it student bar.” However, there are not many students who go to the small bar to drink these days. Generally, people have not valued this joyful restaurant as much as in the past,but Guzman are still hopeful. He is confident that if he runs his restaurant with his heart, the business will be better in the future.