Mayfair Playfield

In a quiet corner of east, residential Parkland, you’ll find Mayfair Playfield, a friendly park tucked away from the suburban sprawl of Parkland. A large, open grass field expands across Mayfair with Clover Creek running along the side. At its center sits a newly erected playground complete with slides, monkey bars, and a saucer-swing.

This cheerful playground only exists because of the dedicated members of the community who pulled together to create a safe and fun environment for their kids and the community as a whole. Mayfair is an important destination for community events such as Easter egg hunts, holiday potlucks, and community meetings.  

Before Mayfair got a playground, however, there was an old, rusty baseball backstop with a rickety dome on which kids would climb. Not only was this place physically dangerous and poorly maintained, but it was also a location that attracted illegal activities.

In response to the park’s degradation, the community members created the Mayfair Dream Project. Those involved, particularly members of Safe Street (an organization that facilitates neighborhoods to decrease crime), gathered to make this playground a reality. With their collaborative efforts, the community was able to procure a $60,000 grant from the county to build the playground. Community members were able to help design the playground alongside Pierce County’s Parks and Recreation. Their valuable input ensured safety features like having no big tubes people could hide in and many holes in the playground equipment which allows for transparency. They also made sure the park was accessible to people with disabilities by having benches with wheelchair access and an ADA approved swing. On the day of the build, about 70 people—neighborhood watch groups, students from Franklin Pierce Schools and PLU, government staff, and even little kids—all came out to help create a wonderful playground.

Thanks to the devoted and supportive members of the community. Mayfair Playfield is now the perfect place for kids, parents or anyone looking for a breath of fresh air, to play, exercise, and enjoy their day.